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. Frequently Asked Questions .


Q: What is Silvarta?
A: Silvarta is a manga-webcomic project run by Blizz/skyfarer.

Q: About the art... how do you do it?
A: I use openCanvas 4.06E Plus for the lines and conventional shading. I also use Photoshop 7 for additional toning and effects, as well as the lettering.

Q: Would you draw my webcomic for me? / Teach me how to draw/CG!
A: Unfortunately, no. I barely have enough time for this comic. :< Perhaps someday I will post CG tutorials, but not at the moment.

Q: What's this story about? It doesn't make any sense!
A: As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You'll see. :)

Q: Are Character A and Character B going to get together??
A: Gee, I wonder? xD This isn't a romance manga by any means; it's action/adventure/humor. However, there may be hints of (potential) relationships, so you guys can build on that if you want... if they're not already developed in the main storyline. :P

Q: Why does the art suck?
A: Because I'm poor and busy and lazy, not to mention talentless. -_-


. Characters .


---- Rethia ----
Name: Rethia Teigren (nickname: Reth)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: April 2 (Sign: Aries)
Hair / Eyes: Lavender / Blue
Likes: Tomaton the Tomato Man (her favorite cartoon character), Bah-NAH-nah Cubes, videotaping random things just for the sake of it, being a general weirdo/social outcast.
Dislikes: Eating tomatoes (she believes this is blasphemy), spineless cowards, Rosie Vine (because she always picks on Thanos).
Bio: Rethia is the only child of the Teigryn family, and the main character of this story. Her father had passed away when she was only four, so she has been raised by her mother ever since. With her mother much into grieving over her husband's death, Rethia has mostly taken care of herself. She has grown attatched to Tomaton the Tomato Man, hero of the The Legendary Tomaton, a television show that first aired soon after her father died. As a child, she believed that she could fight baddies and help people in trouble, just as Tomaton has done. Also influenced by this cartoon is her strange sense of humor. She has a distinct obsession with Bah-NAH-nah Cubes, which are essentially cube-shaped bananas. (They're crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside!) Most people consider her a loony and tend to stay away, but she has a heart of gold. Too bad not many notice.


---- Thanos ----

Name: Thanos Faeren (nickname: Thane)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: August 26 (Sign: Virgo)
Hair / Eyes: Green-ish / Turquoise-green-ish.
Likes: Tomaton (Rethia's influence), the piano
Dislikes: Rosie Vine
Bio: Thanos is the shy, introverted genius at Rexil Balesbane, and Rethia's best friend. Excelling in academics, he has been the object of much jealousy and stereotypical hatred. His parents are both famous writers and he is expected to be their successor. Thanos also has an abusive older sister who ran away from home, saying she couldn't stand all of their "intellectual chitchat". He made his first friend, Rethia, sometime in sixth grade, and his second friend, Lyris, in tenth. Anyone who befriends him, however, becomes the target of abuse; for this, he is constantly plagued by guilt. His main assailant is Rosie Vine, the leader of Zenon's fanclub.


---- Lyris ----

Name: Lyris Teigren
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: March 13 (Sign: Pisces)
Hair / Eyes: Blond / Blue
Likes: Cheesecake
Dislikes: Scary stories
Bio: Lyris is Rethia's hyperactive, confident, slightly dimwitted cousin. Lyris herself has moved to Rexil because her father (a truck driver) and her mother (yet another truck driver, and Rethia's mother's sister) left for a long business trip for unexplained reasons. Her emotions change frequently.


---- Zenon ----

Name: Zenon
Gender: Male
Age: looks about 17
Birthday: June 18 (Sign: Gemini)
Hair / Eyes: Dark lavender (not purple!) / Gold
Likes: Himself, plums
Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners, stalkers

Bio: Zenon is the self-acclaimed best-looking guy at Rexil Balesbane, with quite the ego. Zenon has many admirers, and three particular girls have formed the Zenon Fanclub. Despite the fact that he rather likes the attention, he does get the chills when people get too obsessive and begin to stalk him. Rethia and her friends find it disturbing how he raked up so much popularity (since he's a new kid), but nevertheless still have some respect for him. His true motives are unknown, but he seems to be a nice guy. Hopefully.


---- Dusty ----

Name: Dusty the Dust Bunny
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Hair / Eyes: Uh, grey / Black?
Occupation: A Dust Bunny.
Likes: His fellow Dust Bunnies
Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners
Bio: He's a Dust Bunny. Not much is known, except that he hates vacuum cleaners with all his heart. There seems to be a connection between him and Rethia...


[More to come... I guess.]

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